Memberships  Available

Monthly Individual Membership $95

Or sign up for 3 Month Individual Membership $250 and save $35.

  • Great option for students or artists needing an ongoing permanent space to work.
  • Includes Art Journaling and Workshops
  • Anytime access, except during reserved private parties

Each Session includes materials and instruction to complete one artwork. Drop in, or call ahead. Total savings of $295

Monthly Family Membership $135

Or sign up for 3 Month Family Membership $370 and save $35

Our Family Membership Package takes the pressure off the pocket book while at the same time encourages you and your kids to get creative and sparks artistic exploration. This is a great option for the family to get together for a creative afternoon or evening away from the TV.  Kids that participate in art programs are developing self-discovery and identity, are learning to open their minds to the world around them, and feel satisfied about new skills and abilities. Parents and children working together can experience stronger bonds, and create lifelong memories. The creation and appreciation of art contributes to emotional and intellectual growth and independent thinking.

Through special individualized instruction and encouragement, we strive to give you the confidence you might need to let the artist in you emerge.

Invest in your family…bring them to Vancouver Art Space!

  • 4 family members
  • anytime access, except during reserved private parties
  • please call ahead

Each Session includes materials and instruction to complete one artwork for each participant. Adult Family members are welcome individually, but children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Total savings of over $475

Monthly Business/Organization Membership $195

 Or 3 Month Membership $550.

Your Organization or Business can benefit from the Business/Org Membership Package. Relaxed, happy and confident employees are more productive and have better attendance. Our program encourages confidence, creativity and teaches critical thinking and problem solving. Within a group setting we emphasize individualized, constructive and positive instruction, creating the positive atmosphere which enables learning and growth. We strive to make the experience informative and inspirational.

Invest in your employees…send them to Vancouver Art Space!

Membership for up to 20 members includes:

  • Any time access, except during reserved private parties
  • Please call ahead
  • Catered Events are available for an additional $12 per person

All materials and instruction is provided. Group members are welcome together as a group, or individually, must show membership card, or company/organization ID.

Reservations required

Total savings of $600.