Helping Out Independent Artists in the 2020 Pandemic

We are all experiencing rough times in the 2020 Pandemic, independent artists included. Artists make much of their income from art shows and conventions, many that have been canceled this year. Fotunentaly, there are still things you can do to support an artist that don’t require money. It’s true!

leave a comment

Social Media platforms help small artists get exposure to potential customers, so how you interact on these platforms can actually help them out. Leaving positive comments is one of those things that you can do for FREE. Instagram notices when you engage with an artist and will show you more of their content. Have you noticed seeing a post multiple times because it’s popular? Now you know why!

Clicking the like button

Tap that “LIKE” button! This shows the social media algorithms that people are interacting with your posts. Comment’s and “likes” can also boost the post and move it up on people’s timelines so that it gains more views. Basically, the more you interact with your artist’s posts, the better chances are that other people will see those posts too. You can help your favorite artists get popular online by doing these little things.


Tell your friends about artists by sharing their work. Most social media sites make it very easy to reshare a post. You can also go to an artists website and copy and paste the site to your Facebook page to share. You can help an artists audience grow by simply sharing their art with others. Sharing is caring!

We’d like to share the sites of the artists featured in this blog! They have all taught here at Vancouver Art Space and are lovely humans and awesome artists.


Pamela Sue Johnson

Dawn Furstenburg