Why I love teaching at Vancouver Art Space

I get to help others realize that anyone can create art!

We often get adults coming in that have been discouraged at a young age from creating art. Here at Vancouver Art Space, we know that anyone with the passion and drive to make art, can! We are here to help guide, educate and encourage budding artists and makers to paint, glue, stamp and have fun making art.

We get to introduce students to new art tools and techniques

It’s one thing to buy an art tool, but how the heck are you going to use it? We like having in person classes so that if a student has a question, they can get an answer right away. If we don’t have an answer, we can explore together to find one. Sometimes it just takes a friendly human who has dabbled with your supplies before to tell you a different way to use them and open your eyes to a new technique.

We’ve created a fun art community here

Artists are often known for hiding away alone to work on their art. Here we have created a welcoming art community where we can come together and make art. When you take art classes, you get peer critiques, constructive feedback, help with troubleshooting and more from fellow artists of all skill levels.

Check out some of our beginner friendly classes and workshops