Giving Back to the Community as an Artist

It feels good to do good! As artists, we can choose to donate our artwork, time or materials to help out others in our community.

Hosting events that help animal shelters

At Vancouver Art Space, we host a Paint Your Pet event where we donate a percentage of the proceeds to or local Humane Society branch. It’s fun for our budding artists and they get to paint with us knowing they are also helping out animals in our community!

artists can also auction off art to donate on their own

Artists can also hold auctions on their personal Social Media accounts. This is a way for an artist to use their creations to give to a charity of their choosing.

Some artists give directly to the community with “art Drops” or giving away free art

Artists like Hidden Stash Art on Instagram will leave art around town for Free Art Friday. These are also known as Art Drops. It’s another way for artists to spread joy with their art to people who may not have seen their art before. Check out more of Hidden Stash’s work HERE.

There are so many ways to do good with your artwork as an artist, or as a patron of the arts. We here at Vancouver Art Space are grateful for every artist and patron who does what they can to make the world a little better and brighter.