White on White Group Art Show: Artist Spotlight Part 1

White on White is our group art show hanging for the month of November at our gallery in Vancouver, Washington. This is part 1 of 3 blog posts where we will be introducing you to the artists participating in the show.

Hillary Turner

Into The Void
Pristine Turmoil

Artist Statement:

Perceptions of Justice…
I can think of no topic more important nor relevant to our present culture, than the concept of Justice. I am attempting with my selections to illustrate various interpretations of this theme, both literally and figuratively.
It was certainly a challenge to cull images that reflect this grand concept and I hope the images I have selected do justice to

More of Hillary’s work can be seen on her website HERE

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“Pristine Turmoil” can be purchased HERE

“Into The Void” can be purchased HERE

Robert Schwarzenbach


Robert Schwarzenbach is a painter using geometric abstraction with an emphasis on color as primary narrative.

More of the artists work can be seen HERE

The piece above can be purchased in our online store HERE

Miguel Saludes

Studio Wall With Two Nails

Artists Statement”

“This painting is part of a series of works inspired by commonplace surfaces that I encountered on a daily basis. The white wall depicted was in my studio and the nails were used to hang other paintings. Upon discovering these locations I connected with them intimately, cultivating with every encounter a moment of reflection and transcendence. The passing of my grandmother, which happened around the time I began this series, brought me even closer to them. I sought and found refuge in these lonely places. In their quiet semblance I saw reflected the stark silence of the universe and the eminence of death that overwhelms my soul. Taking an existentialist approach I fully embraced my human condition, this inability to prove the existence of God, or an afterlife where I could perhaps one day reunite with my lost love. Yet, resilient, I found renewed faith and purpose in the act of depicting these spaces, hoping to cultivate, with every session, a spiritual experience.

I have come to realize that in my strife for reason and knowledge there are no answers to be found, only more grief, confusion, and fear. Embracing my limitations, I have chosen to focus my scrutiny on this intimate and approachable material world, which so often escapes our regard. Adopting the transformative alchemy and expressiveness of oil paint, I challenged myself with the task of depicting the walls and surfaces that accompany me on my daily errands. Painting them from observation not only empowered me to faithfully capture their material essence. It also allowed me to perpetuate fleeting emotional states and moments of spiritual enlightenment that my conversations of these surfaces inspired.

Now elevated to the platform of Painting, it is my hope that these personal experiences will transcend their place and time to reach a larger audience. My ultimate ambition is to share with every brushstroke, the raw expression of my pains, fears, uncertainties, and passions; universal words in the language of life. It is my intention as well to divulge my appreciation for the beauty and values the everyday life has to offer, especially in these often dull and busy digital days.”

More of the artists work can be seen on their website HERE

The piece pictured above can be purchased HERE