White on White Group Art Show: Artists Spotlight Part 2

White on White is our group art show hanging for the month of November at our gallery in Vancouver, Washington. This is part 2 of 3 blog posts where we will be introducing you to the artists participating in the show.

Weiting Wei

Light Sleeper

Artists Statement:

Like little fish swim through a clump of anemones, every movement of the baby touched every nerve of the new mom. They don’t have a full night’s sleep, each nerve is a soldier ready to fight.
By mimicking the dynamics of sea anemone, I use the air dry clay and resin clay to sculpt the sleep state of new mom. Helpless but hopeful, Sensitive but peaceful, exhausted but beautiful!! My sculpture uses traditional and organic elements to explore very personal, yet universal, experiences of motherhood.

More of the artists work can be seen on their website HERE

The artwork pictured above can be purchased HERE

Christine Hubbard


The piece pictured above can be purchased HERE

Leanne Mills Bryant

Become An Insider!

Artists Statement:

My work is about exemplifying the cultural beauty of the Deep South. Referencing its backstory, my work embraces various hallmarks attributed to this region from antiquity to present day and is told through the eyes of a Southern woman. Using a variety of media, each element is chosen specifically to aid in propelling this native daughter’s story.

The piece above can be purchased HERE