New Beginnings Emerging From the Dark, Artist Spotlight

Regina quinn

Morning Mist
Spring Snow

Artist Statement:

The elegance of a fallen leaf on the forest floor, the eerie glow as morning fog lifts, the dynamic tension between abstraction and naturalism – these are the inspirations for Regina Quinn’s encaustic and oil paintings. A New York City native, Regina divides her time between New York’s Catskill Mountains and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where her work is influenced by the stark winters, lush springs, exuberant summers and vibrant autumns. Working in encaustics and oils, she builds transparent and opaque layers, scrapes and scratches and incises to reveal and obscure, working towards the sense of awe and wonder she experiences daily in the natural world.

More of Regina Quinn’s work can be seen on their website here.

Diane Cameron

Out of Darkness 1
Out of Darkness 2


Nature is a recurring theme in my work and these pieces are a good example of that?leaves and trees. I explored the idea of white on white by creating an image of leaves that are there but the viewer has to look closely to see them. I hope that will encourage some thoughts about nature?wonder, appreciation, perhaps concern. I?ve always been fascinated by bare trees in winter and the patterns they make, especially against the snow. In the white on white forest I created, the trees are barely visible, almost hidden?what we see when we rush by without stopping to really look.

More of the Diane Cameron’s work can be seen here.

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