Inspired By The Greats, Artist Spotlight Part 1

Christopher Fowler

“Homage a Monet” inspired by Monet

Artist Statement:

I’ve found three statements made by other artists that resonate with my approach to photography:

The first is from Dylan Thomas, who said art is about telling the truth.

The second is from Georgia O’Keeffe, who said what appeals to us about mountains and rocks and trees is not that they’re mountains and rocks and trees, but rather the lines, planes and textures they present to us.

The third is attributed to Picasso, who said when he paints a wild horse, you may not see the horse, but you will feel the wildness.

I don’t do photoshop or otherwise manipulate images, aside from cropping and, when needed, truing the horizontals. I don’t even use filters or a lot of different lenses (Admittedly I do have a zoom lens, but my tendency is to use it in the wide-angle length so as to get the greatest possible depth of focus).

The images are quite literally what came through the lens. They may not be technically sophisticated, but they are– or at least they are meant to be–deeply felt

More of Christopher’s work can be seen HERE.

Ed Whitmore

“Ephemeral” inspired by Jackson Pollock

Artist Statement:

Born and raised in the New York City area, Ed has been living and working in San Diego for the past 25+ years. Ed works with metal effects paints (iron, copper, bronze) which change color as they oxidize, creating a lovely brown, green, blue patina. The process yields dramatic yet naturalistic effects which evoke the passage of time and his longing for an idealized lost past.

More of Ed’s work can be seen HERE

Larissa Sievers

“Stroll” inspired by Gustav Klimt
“Lady in Feather Hat” inspired by Amedeo Madigliani

Artist Statement:

I am an Artist based in Seattle Wa and wish to branch out my art further

More of Larissa’s work can be seen HERE