The Wonderful Pacific Northwest, Artist Spotlight Part 1

Melanie Rodd

“Multnomah Falls”
“Beach Time on Bainbridge Island”

Artist Statement:

Melanie Rodd produces art in many forms, from 3 dimensional sculptures in mosaics, glass and metal to her current focus in pastel and acrylic paintings on mixed mediums.
Her themes are drawn from time spent in the great outdoors, gardening and her children.
After many years as an owner, operator of three galleries and picture framing shops she has retired and finally returned to her desire to produce her own creations.

More of Melanie’s work can be seen on Facebook HERE

Preeta Rajamani

“Morning View”

Artist Bio:

My name is Preeta Rajamani and I currently live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC amidst the mountains and absolutely love it here. I’m an engineer turned UX Designer turned Illustrator. The full 180 from an analytical logic driven field to a creative field happened slowly over the span of many years. I understood what I naturally gravitated towards and what I wanted to do that gave meaning and value to me. When I’m not drawing or painting, I’m usually doing one of these many things ? cooking/baking, going on hikes with my family, listening to audio books, overwatering my indoor plants :). 

Sketch Stipple & Shade
Sketch Stipple & Shade is my art alter ego/my brand. It’s a genuine depiction of everyday moments in my life, my learning processes, and my time in nature. It’s happy, intentionally naïve and reflective.

More of Preeta’s work can be seen on Instagram HERE

Becky Kuperstein

“The Fog Is Lifting”

Artist Statement:

My artwork is driven by honoring observation through photography. I am drawn to light, beauty, patterns and the reflection of time through change. Beauty isn’t always obvious. I find most of my inspiration from the natural world. Explorations that find small, intimate scenes. Anonymous moments never to exist again. Captured weather or movement of water. Changing colors unique to the moment. A random leaf or tree. This is what fuels my interest and creativity. I also find the human-made world to be fascinating. From aging structures and materials, to preserved history, to modern structures with straight lines. All are compelling in different ways, and inspire me to find creative ways to capture them.

More of Becky’s work can be seen on Instagram HERE