What Does Art Contribute to Our Lives ?

We don’t always notice it, but an artist or designer has touched just about everything in our lives.  And that means everything from the house we live in to the dish that holds our soap.   We rely on the sensitivity and expertise of artists to keep us comfortable while working in the yard, or to keep us entertained while pursuing or experiencing leisure activities.  Something we don’t always recognize.  Don’t forget the food we eat in style, the music we dance to, and the dances we dance. All these little things we can easily take for granite come to us because someone took the time to understand our needs.

And then there is the more obvious elements we call ART.  The art that we do think about. The art we hang on our walls. The art we go to see at the museums or the galleries.  We pick favorites that inspire us or make us laugh or helps us remember.  There are about as many reasons for loving a particular piece of art as there are people in the world. 

We often use the words “creativity” and “create” when we talk about an artist’s process. But what is that exactly? Creativity is necessary in many disciplines and endeavors, even in science.  Anytime we are called on  for some kind of problem solving, thinking outside the box, and pushing boundaries we are using the creative parts of our brain.  The practical bones of what we do when we create can be thought of as simply problem solving.  

If we are practiced in any artistic process we are learning to exercise our problem solving skills. Painting, drawing, learning a musical instrument, or writing poetry are all important creative endeavors that result in not only a finished product, but also important problem solving skills.  With confidence in our ability to problem solve we can take on the challenges life as they greet us.
So what does art contribute? In 5 words: A Better Quality of Life!