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Jane for bio

Jane Arnal

Jane Arnal has been doing soft-block printmaking for over 20 years.  She also does acrylic painting and collage.  Her art philosophy is:  “I would rather my work be peculiar than beautiful.”

Janes crow                       Janes image

Bio Photo June 2017 500Laura K Bray

Artist Laura Bray lives and works in Washington state with her husband, their twelve year old daughter, and a guinea pig named Oreo. Laura believes everyone can live a life of creativity and intention and she is dedicated to helping people of all ages experience the joy of creativity. You can see more of her work at

Stamp and Paint Bird

Carolyn MacPherson

Carolyn has worked her way through many trends, painting styles, and media in her lifetime, she calls herself “restless”. Never satisfied with status quo, she loves experimentation and the teaching process. ” I find teaching keeps my mind open to so many different ways of viewing the world around me. I discover from my students an entirely different way of reacting to the landscape.”

Carolyn will be teaching Beginning Watercolor on Thursday’s from 10am-1pm starting July 13th

Here are two examples of Carolyn’s work in watercolor:




Cat Whipplecat for bio

Cat Whipple is a digital and mixed media collage artist who’s work incorporates vintage images and photos from long ago. Her subject matter currently focuses on cats, flowers, and fairy girls. She teaches Photoshop courses for artists on, and mixed media collage courses at Vancouver Art Space. You can find some of her artwork on

Her Musical Heart


sepia self portraitBarbara Sheehan, Owner & Instructor

Meet Barbara Dianne Sheehan, the Owner of this exciting new endeavor. Barbara has over 40 years experience designing, painting, and working in the creative arts. She has owned and operated an exclusive fine art and art furniture gallery,  a custom home remodeling and design firm and, after graduating from Pacific NW College of Art in 1996, has worked as an independent artist.

From 1996 to 2001 Barbara was a founding member of PBNJ Studios, a group of artists committed to the fine arts community. Her work has included oil paintings, pastels, computerized manipulations and photography collages – generally experimenting with materials and visuals. Barbara has been professionally represented by ArtReps Richard Brooks, an artists agent and publisher, as well as Mary McCay at Directional Publishing Inc. Her paintings have been featured in solo and group shows in Portland Oregon, New York City, and Ballyvaughn Ireland.

For a peek at more original work by Barbara, click here.

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