Vancouver Art Space is pleased to announce it is now accepting entries for our monthly Group Shows. The theme changes each month. See the list below.

We are looking for art that captures the essence of the theme, not necessarily  a literal translation.

Each one should reflect the theme in some way.

  • Entrants must be 18 and over.
  • Enter up to 3 images.
  • Paintings, drawings, MUST be the original, and created from your own original source material. No copies of or from other art, photos, etc. No Giclée or digital reproductions.
  • Prints, MUST show the number and run limit and be signed.
  • Work MUST be properly framed and wired, ready to hang. Works on paper should be protected with glass, works on canvas should not.
  • If you have questions about framing VAS has a framing class each month, check the calendar page for details.
  • Size minimum is 12×16 maximum is 36×40
  • Deadline for entries is the 15th of each month.

If your work is chosen you will be notified by the 24th of the month.  You can deliver new work or pick up work from the previous month between the 26th & 28th. Work will be hung on between the 29th and 1st.

Artists Reception will be held on First Friday.

Each month Vancouver Art Space will send out a call with a different theme. If this month’s theme doesn’t fit your work, watch for next month’s call.

  • March: New Beginnings
  • April: Tulips v. Roses

    Click Here to Apply!

  • May: Out of the Nest
  • June: Splash
  • July: What IS Red, White, Blue
  • August: Animals, Wild
  • September: Fog
  • October: This month call has been cancelled
  • November: Portraits
  • December: Winter Storms

Send your images to vancouverartspace@gmail.com please note, there is a $15 entry fee

please include ALL of the following info for each piece:

  • title
  • size
  • medium
  • price


Are You an Artist without a Studio?

Wednesdays Noon to 3pm and Friday evenings 6pm – 9pm or phone 360 787-8772 to reserve a time

  •  Painters Independant Studio package includes: canvas, and a basket full of tools. Each month we will offer new designs and themes to choose from. You can find your spot at an easel, pick a pre-sketched canvas, load your palette with paint and begin!  (For the more adventurous or experienced you can start with a blank canvas and do your own thing)
  • Crafters Independant Studio package includes: Greeting Card blanks, or canvas board, basket of tools, paper, bits and bobs, stamping and punching tools to create your memorable work of art. To create a very personal piece of art you are welcome and encouraged to bring in your own photos, trinkets etc.


$30 each per 3 hour session

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