Our First Blog Post!

Mixed Media Wednesday is back!

We weren’t sure if we could have Mixed Media Wednesdays while keeping safe with the pandemic, but we found a way! We are requiring washed hands and masked faces for this fun event, that way everything stays clean and we can also make art together!

What is mixed media?

Mixed media is simply using more than one medium. So using paint, stamps, ink and collage on one piece would be a mixed media piece. The image above is from an art journal one of our members has made.

What is an art journal?

An art journal is a journal, but instead of just words, it also has art! Sometimes there are no words at all, just pages of fun experiments, art, sketches and fun. Click HERE to check out more info on our Mixed Media Wednesdays! We’d love to get creative with you!

We hope you liked our first post! We will be posting more on here to get you excited about art.