Carolyn MacPherson is teaching this summer!

We are excited to have Carolyn back for a few months teaching at Vancouver Art Space! She will be offering Calligraphy, Encaustics, Techniques for Pouring Watercolor and Advanced Watercolor classes May-August 2021. Carolyn brings her years of experience to each and every lesson to challenge and inspire you.

Check out our classes on the homepage of our website or stop by our store to see when Carolyn is teaching what! Don’t miss out, this is a limited time opportunity to learn from someone with her experience in creating art as well as teaching!

The Wonderful Pacific Northwest, Artist Spotlight Part 3

Jennifer Baffoe

“Vision of the Pacific Northwest”

Artist Statement:

This piece represents what I love about the Pacific Northwest. The haze and the vibrant greens no matter the season.
It is based on a photo I took while visiting Cape Meares Lighthouse in 2013.

More of Jennifer’s work can be seen on Instagram HERE

Nancy Carkin

“Escape to Sun River”
“August Sunset”
“Columbia’s Fog”

Artist Statement:

As a NW native I have experienced much of the beauty this part of the country has to offer. When not in the out of doors I enjoy many creative activities; painting, gardening and cookie/cake decorating. I primarily paint with acrylic on canvas, but have explored other mediums. It all brings me such joy that I love to share with others.

More of Nancy’s work can be seen on Instagram HERE

Zaira Dzhaubaeva

“Hazy Morning at Cannon Beach”

Artist Statement:

Zaira Dzhaubaeva developed a lifelong passion for painting, to which she dedicated herself exclusively when she left her post as the Chief Director of the television company in 2005.
Zaira’s paintings are an explosion of life and color with a very rich and varied palette which shows her fascination with nature as her favorite subject. Her works have become very popular worldwide. They are in private collections in United States, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, Greece, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and other countries.

More of Zaira’s work can be seen on her website HERE

Barbara Sheehan

“Looking East”
“On The Path”

Artist Bio:

Barbara has over 40 years experience designing, painting, and working in the creative arts. She has owned and operated an exclusive fine art and art furniture gallery,  a custom home remodeling and design firm, and since graduating from Pacific NW College of Art in 1996, with a BA degree in Painting, has worked as an independent artist.

From 1996 to 2001 Barbara was a founding member of PBNJ Studios, a group of artists committed to the fine arts community in SE Portland. Her work includes oil paintings, pastels, computerized/digital and photography collages – generally experimenting with materials and visuals.

Barbara has been professionally represented by ArtReps Richard Brooks,  as well as Mary McCay at Directional Publishing Inc. Her paintings have been featured in solo and group shows in Portland Oregon, New York City, and Ballyvaughan, Ireland.

See more of Barbara’s work on Fine Art America HERE

The Wonderful Pacific Northwest, Artist Spotlight Part 2

Sarah Hunter


Artist Statement:

The Oregon Coast is one of my absolute favorite places, and its wild beauty and serenity never fail to restore my soul. We are all just bodies of earthly elements that will one day be returned to the earth and sea, and my goal with these paintings was to capture that restorative feeling of one-ness with the sand and ocean.

More of Sarah’s work can be seen on their website HERE

And on Instagram HERE

Peter Hui

“Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, OR”
“Wreck of the Peter Iredale”

Artist Statement:

As a photographer, I aim to distill scenes down to their core elements– that which I feel is necessary to convey the essence of the scene– no more, no less– oftentimes presenting the scene in a way that we don’t normally see on a daily basis. Frequently, this means interpreting the scene in black-and-white, often with long exposures, but on occasion, I use color as well. The common thread throughout my work is to convey a sense of beauty and simplicity that we might not otherwise see on an ordinary, daily basis. Perhaps this is the result of an underlying personal desire to push back against the culture of “louder, bigger, faster” that is oftentimes so pervasive in our society today. It is my hope that by presenting even a small slice of the world in a way that our eyes don’t normally see, I can help my audience to pause, take a break, think, and appreciate the beauty in our world a tiny bit more.

I work primarily with Canon full-frame digital cameras, fitted with a range of prime Sigma Art lenses. Although all of my images undergo a fair amount of post processing, I only make the same types of adjustments and manipulation in the digital darkroom that one would do in a traditional, wet darkroom as well. Perhaps this is a vestige of my photographic upbringing in the world of film and silver-based materials, but this helps me to maintain a connection to the more traditional methods of the photographic masters that came before us. I make all prints myself using professional grade Epson printers, and museum-grade archival papers from Hahnemuhle and Epson.

More of Peter’s work can be seen on their website HERE

Nathun Finkhouse

“Down on the Farm”
“Round Lake”

Artist Statement:

Nathun Finkhouse is a realism and impressionist painter from the Pacific Northwest. By working in Watercolor and Acrylic, Nathun captures his favorite scenes from around the Northwest.

More of Nathun’s work can be seen on their website HERE